Sunday, August 02, 2015

Cape Cod 2015

 I love this place. I really really love this place. Not only is the ocean water a balmy 75-78 degrees (which is really really warm for this far north) the street we stay on is just gorgeous. All Cap Cod style homes with immaculate lawns and gorgeous flowers.  The first few days of our week here the weather was cool and cloudy and the last 3 days it was hot and sunny and perfect for the beach. We brought along my 12 year old niece this year to help with the kids since Mike has re herniated his disc in his back and I am pregnant and exhausted. She was a major help. I wish I had a 12 year old!!! Anyways the Cape was a beautiful as always and the older kids loved  it. Nairi and Samuel were afraid of the sand and seaweed at first but they loved it by the end of the week.
 Our favorite park in Harwich
 Full moon at the beach at sunset

 Lots of time spent feeding the natives....
 Israel was the only soul at the beach this cloudy morning

 17 weeks
 More feeding of the natives

 Fishing trip aboard the Capt'n Kid

 Keira's catch

 Spider crabs

 Love this yard we walked by on our way to the beach. I want a secret garden door in my yard!! :)
 Grandpa and Uncle Greg
 Kateri and Israel battle the waves

" I don't like that yucky sand!!!" He told me... He meant the seaweed. He was so grossed out by seaweed.

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