Monday, November 09, 2015

Some big expensive projects to cross off our list

Mike is off medical back rest but these were projects we were going to hire out anyways. Not something he can do by himself and too time consuming.

 Windows!!! We had some rotting ones from before we moved in. We hired someone to replace the 10 windows in the front.  They new ones are great. So clean and clear and easy to open and close and should be alot more efficient.
 And the most expensive project to date. A new roof. The roof was original to the house ( 1992) so it was time to be replaced.

 ^^^^ these 3 pictures are before and the ones below are after. Doesn't look much different except old shingles were gray and new ones are black or charcoal colored.

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KeithKathyHolley said...

Lot of money, lots of time, not much different looking-BUT so important and so nice to have it all done. New windows? I know what a dream it is now to be able to open and close them and not have dripping windows staining down the walls. Any names on the list these days for you little princess? I heard a good one the other day while watching a Netflix on the story of Daniel: Eska. One woman I knew through LaLecheLeague named her daughter Vashti from the bible also. How are you feeling? I think of all of you a lot. Kathy