Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The creation of the "Reading Room" with before and afters

  A little recap of what the room looked like when we moved in. This is the formal dining room. Beige carpet and walls. Wallpaper border and gold lighting fixtures.

 We transformed it into this 5 years ago. New flooring, paint, light fixture and picture frame molding

 And then as our family grew we needed a larger table/ ability to open the table more for family gatherings so we did a room switcharoo and switched the formal living and dining rooms as the formal living room was longer and would allow us to open the table more.
 And now its the reading room!!! Same room different paint and curtains and furniture.

I love it!!! Furnishings from the basement, Target, the internet, Craigslist and Christmas Tree shops.  And of course all the DIY credit goes to Mike, I just did the decorating. Its nice to have an adult  toy free space because our family room is the toy hub and is usually a cluttered mess.

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