Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Nairi is 5

 This little cutie and now officially 5. 5 is such a milestone. School ready. It means ready to step out from home life to the life of a school kid. Her biggest wish right now is to go to school with Keira and Israel. She is bored bored at home with me and 3 year old Samuel and baby Avila. We got notice ( on her birthday !) that she had won a spot in the lottery at Keira and Israel's charter school. Which means she will join them there in the fall. She is beyond excited.  To celebrate turning  5 she wanted a Strawberry shortcake cake and a party with her 2 favorite little friends Iliana and Eliza. She wanted to watch a movie and have their toe nails painted and have dino chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and cake. So thats what we did. Kalpakgian cousins and grandparents were on hand too.

At 5 Nairi is still a feisty one. She is very dramatic and very independent. She likes to argue and argues with Samuel about everything. She plays with Polly Pockets, Legos and her dollhouse and people for most of the day. She still enjoys puzzles and wanted some 200 piece ones for her birthday. Her other big gift was clothes. She wanted clothes for her birthday. Skirts and leggings and Pj's! So thats what she got. She is your typically girly girl that likes pink and purple and glitter and sparkle. She often wears jewelry and lots of hair accessories.

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KeithKathyHolley said...

I loved reading that and the pictures were fun too. Oh, Nairi. She is on the fast track to life. Happy Birthday from Kathy.