Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Cookware

Sooo my terribly exciting event of a normal March Saturday was tearing down 4 layers of 50 year old wallpaper which just pissed me off because it was just tearing the drywall beneath it. Oh sorry, that was far from the highlight of the day and I would probably consider it the low point. The best part of the day was when we purchased my pretty new cookware at Linens N' Things because they were having a sale.

The reason we needed to buy a cookware set was because Mike was making breakfast last week for Mary and Hippert and annoyed himself with our cheapa$$ non-stick frying pans. Then on Sunday he tried making pancakes again and again annoyed himself because the pans would not sit flush on our new glasstop stove and so wouldn't cook evenly and so tossed them out and has been slowly tossing out the other pans that aren't flat against the stove. Thus it left us with 3 pans to cook with in total- which isn't that many if you have ever made a full meal since I pretty much use all three every single evening in dinner preparation. Anyways- Mike who doesn't really cook much (he prefers baking decadent desserts because it's much more scientific) decided that cooking with cheap cookware is ridiculously stupid - even though he is the one who purchased the cheap cookware to start with. So he decided that we needed to go buy new pans right away and I was happy to comply with his demands (must be submissive) and now I have a brand new set of pots and pans- 10 new peices in all which means I have 13 pots and pans in all!!! I am pretty sure that is enough to make dinner with-although I still need a steamer.

In other news- we finally bought an ironing board too- Its been over 3 months since we moved and I have managed to avoid ironing anything- well Mr. Clean himself decided that his new dress shirts must be all fresh and clean and starched for Palm Sunday since he is lectering and so again we headed out to make a neccessary purchase... we get home and Mike procceds to iron his new shirt and tie (whereas I try to avoid the ironing board at all costs) Meanwhile he is using our less than perfect cheap iron which proceeds to leak water all over his "silk" tie- He gets annoyed and threatens to throw the iron into the garbage--- at which point I had to intervene otherwise we will certainly go broke as, if you can't tell, Mike likes to throw all things away when he gets annoyed at them- Anyways so now we (I mean I) feel like a real domestic diva with an real ironing board and REAL cookware!!!! :o)

Stay Tuned to find out what Mike throws away next...



G said...

Now you even have a comment on your blog. Its good to know that when I visit you'll have enough pans to cook me some food.

Hippert said...

Nice, Mary and I take he blame for needing new pots and pans!

Oh and in Mike's defence, he doesn't throw everything away he gets annyed with,,,
I can think of One he doesn't throw away.

sarah said...

New pots and pans? That is awesome! We must be terribly grown up now as pots and pans are considered exciting.