Thursday, January 28, 2010

yummy fingers

Israel has definitely started teething. He always has his fingers, hands or thumb in his mouth. He is drooling as well. With a little help from me he has finally started getting into somewhat of a sleeping/ napping routine. He goes to bed at night around 6-7ish and we never know how long he will sleep. Sometimes he is up every 2 hours, sometimes every 3 and sometime he will sleep a 5-6 hour stretch. For naps he will either take a 1-2 hour nap in the am or 2 20 min naps ( what happens most often). In the afternoon he will sleep for 2 hours ( while Keira naps) as long as I hold him in my lap. He is very happy and smiley during the day now as long as I am around. :o) At night can still get pretty gassy and will wake up and fuss/ cry for a while. Thankfully this happens less often than it used to though. In 2 weeks he will be 4 months old! He likes things just so though so the title Mr. High Maintenance still fits him just right.
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