Friday, November 05, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Our blog has been boring lately... for a reason. Monday we spent the day in Boston at the Children's Museum with the kids. We had a blast. I love that place. I could say that over and over again. Its just such a fun and cool place. Israel, being a walker now had so much fun. Last time we went it was on a weekend and it was busy busy. This time being a Monday it wasn't crowded at all. Anyways between watching the kids like hawks as they run, walk and check everything out we had the double stroller ( for the walk back and forth from the parking garage), lunch, the diaper bag, the camera, jackets... you get the idea. We got home and realized we were missing the camera. Luckily after a few calls to the museum we were able to track it down! Thank you St Anthony!!! We are going back down on Wednesday to retrieve the camera.

On Wednesday we are also taking Keira for her oral peanut butter challenge and will find out if we still need to tote an Epi- Pen everywhere with us. Hopefully the answer is no! Both the kids have asthma follow ups as well.
We had showing number 15 ( on the house) last Monday as well. We were disappointed yet again when the feedback was "buyers didn't like the layout" Major letdown. We are preparing to take the house off the market next week and I'll admit we are both extremely disappointed that we can't seem to sell our house. We have done everything we possibly can to make it sell. Clean out stuff, store stuff off site, keep clutter non existent, lower the price, lower the price again- and yet again. The "important" rooms (bathrooms, kitchen) are all updated ( heck the whole house is updated). We really wanted to get this thing sold before baby number 3 arrives as the house is only going to get more crowded as we add another crib and dresser and baby gear into the house. Not to mention that all our Christmas decorations are being stored at Mikes brothers house. We aren't sure what the plan is at this point. Re list after the holidays, re list after the baby arrives or stay put until the housing market improves. Why does God's plan never make sense as you are trying to live it?
I still can't believe the baby is a girl!! So excited that Keira will have a sister. Even though they will be 4 years apart I hope they get along! I'm trying to come up with some names but Mike's veto power is ridiculous and like trying to name Israel it seems next to impossible to come up with a name we both like, that's unique, and that goes with our last name. I have no idea why naming a child is so difficult for us. So many people have names for their kids before they are even conceived!


KeithKathyHolley said...

Vashti was the daughter of King Belshazzar of Babylon and the great-granddaughter of King Nebuchadnezzar

Anonymous said...

How about Veronica? She's in Archie Comics.