Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Bye Peanut Allergy!!!

Keira passed her oral peanut butter challenge today with flying colors. No signs of any problems whatsoever. When I first rubbed some peanut butter on the inside on her lower lip she said " hmmmm I like peanut butter. Can I have a teeny tiny peanut???" And then "Can I have more peanut butter??" No more reading labels to check for "made in a facility that produces peanuts" or toting the Epi Pen around. Hmmm peanut butter bars and peanut butter granola bars sound so good right now!!!
Her asthma is not doing as great though. Keira has pretty much been coughing non stop since the fall and she does not have a cold. She coughs every time she goes from inside to outside and outside to inside, every time she has increased activity ( aka running around, jumping on the bed etc) Her cough is a deep, hacking cough and turns heads whenever we go anywhere. We are going to increase her inhaled steroid that she takes twice a day and see if that helps.
Israel so far has done great. After 3 colds with wheezing last winter so far he has had 2 colds and no wheezing so Im hoping that he shows no further signs of asthma.

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