Saturday, May 05, 2012

First Floor Bathroom/Laundry deconstruct

 Here is the first floor bathroom as it was when we bought the house last year and yesterday before we started deconstruction. It was circa 1990. Almond sink, toilet, and counter top. Cheap mirror. Stage lighting. Faux wood floor linoleum and WALLPAPER!!!!

 Can't forget the brass/gold vent cover. Looking at the pictures it really doesn't look that bad but trust me when I say its alot uglier in person.  Not nearly as ugly as the bathroom in our first house but still very dated. We actually had no plans for redoing this room any time soon but the toilet was on its last leg. It was requiring at least 2 flushes for every job. So we bought a new toilet. The Champion toilet from American Standard. The one where you can flush 2 dozen golf balls at the same time and it claims it still won't clog. We haven't tried flushing golf balls down it but we did have this toilet at our old house and the kids flushed several things down it including a largish comb and it really never did clog.  But then the sink started leaking and if we are replacing the vanity and the toilet why just rip off the wallpaper, replace the ugly flooring, add some new lighting and a mirror and consider the room remodeled? So that's how we began this mess project.
 Opposite the vanity is my laundry area. The scariest part of the whole remodel is having that baby disconnected. Rule number 1 in this house is MUST keep up with the laundry. I am very afraid that not doing laundry for a week or more will set me so far back in laundry that I will never catch up. I always have piles of clean laundry to be folded and put away but I truly never let dirty laundry pile up more than a day or 2 because that's just gross to me.
 Mike looks like he is hung over and puking here but really he is just removing the bolts on the toilet
 Mike's right hand man
 I love the expression on Israel's face. " Oh Man! What a mess daddy!!"
 Sans wallpaper! Lots of wall repair for Mike to do.

 Linoleum removal
 The world's narrowest spot to remove wallpaper. To small to fit the steamer or a scraper in between those 2 moldings but somehow I managed to get the wallpaper off.

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