Friday, May 11, 2012

It always takes longer than you think

DIY projects that is. We were hoping that this whole project would only take a few days because A) I want my laundry appliances hooked back up and B) Its annoying to go upstairs every time I or Keira or Israel needs to use the bathroom and C) Because we hate mess and there are tools  and stuff  and mess everywhere.
But as is always the case unforeseen things arise.  The tile adhesive Mike used was the premade adhesive this time. Before he used the glue that you mix yourself. It says it takes 24 hours to dry but in reality and after doing further research we saw that it can take 72 hours plus to dry. Combine that with a super rainy and humid week and lets just say we gave it 6 days to dry to be on the safe side. 
Then we were held up by the painter who was going to come last Tuesday, then he was going to come today and now its tomorrow.  In his defense he has many children and only works part time and must have childcare to work so its understandable. So we plug along and hope to have everything back together by Wednesday. In the meantime here is the completed tile job ( minus the grout of course).

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