Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Yes ugh. That sums up pregnancy for me.  I won't bore you with the details but that we are surviving. Thanks to a husband who took over dinner making and dish washing and food shopping and taking out the garbage duties and about a million other things and to a great high school student we found that comes and helps with the kids a few times a week to give me a breather. I have about as much energy as a cat sitting in the sun that's pretty much what I want to do all day. Why does the mere fact of being pregnant and taking care of a bunch of little kids feel like an Olympic feat? Throw in some all day nausea and am puking and you have what feels like an impossible task.  I am sick but not nearly as sick as I was when I was pregnant with Keira but I feel like I drag myself though each day.
In other news Israel will be attending preschool in the fall two mornings a week ( same place that Keira went too) and Keira is all ready for school to start. He seems excited and Keira talks to him about it  ( telling him all the fun things about preschool) but he is way more shy than Keira so we will see how it goes.  We have done our uniform shopping and back pack shopping and lunch box shopping and all that is left is school supply shopping at Wal Mart and we should be good to go.
We have a few more summer BBQ's and our week at the beach and summer should be wrapped up.
Thanks to our awesome neighbors and their generosity in sharing their beautiful in ground pool and the hot and humid weather we have done A TON of swimming this summer and all 3 kids adore the pool so I feel like they have had a great summer. Keira enjoyed dance camp last week and vacation bible school this week.
So that is how things are with us. Don't expect alot of blogging or at least not until schools starts.

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