Wednesday, October 03, 2012


 Happy 18 months Nairi!!! Her language is exploding. She is stringing 3 and 4 words together no doubt in part to her copying every word that comes out of Keira and Isarel's month. She even says " Why????" when you tell her to do something or to not do something. Which you know having 3 kids who ask why to your every move is not annoying in the slightest.

 Kung Fu fighting with the scare crow?
 I can't believe he is going to turn 3 in a few days. He is such a sweet, silly little boy.

 I asked them to sit down so I could take a pic. Yeah they listen well.
 Giving Nairi a kiss. He loves her and he bothers her like crazy. At 18 months old Nairi can say. "Israel!! Bothering!!"
Whatever Israel does she must copy.
In other news Keira and Mary are adjusting to school and I am adjusting to my new title of chauffeur. Israel and Nairi have deemed school pick up time as snack time and the floor of the van and their carseats now have enough crumbs to feed a small daycare. And I think I have come to realize that what I thought was witching hour before was just a precursor  The hours of 3 -5 pm are nutty around here. Everyone is tired and cranky, there is homework and dinner prep and aye yi yi. Its nuts. I have never been so glad to see 7 pm.

 If you have little kids and need some humor to your day read this

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