Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Thankfully despite scary 40-50 MPH winds we survived just fine. We brought all the outdoor chairs and furniture inside. Put the toys in the shed, stocked the woodpile, filled the flashlights with fresh batteries, and made sure we had plenty of wood for the fireplace. And amazing ( and thankfully) enough we didn't even lose power.  I think its because Mike told me that if we did lose power he was buying a generator ( it would be the third extended power outage in the 1.5 years we have been in this house) and frankly I would much rather put $400 in my hardwood floor fund than to buy a generator. Schools were closed for 2 days and other than the 200 something sticks I just picked up in the backyard and the piles of leaves everywhere life continues on as normal.

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