Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2/3 days old

  48 hours old. Mama is SO much happier with him out than IN!!!
 Meeting Grandpa Kalpakgian
3 days old Milk has arrived and he seems more content.
Confession time. He is 3 days old and has not worn an "outfit" yet. With all my other kids I ALWAYS changed them into outfits during the day ( from the day of birth) and kept pj's for nighttime ONLY. He is 3 days old and has worn nothing but pj's. Not sure if I am getting lazier or just busier.


jilly4ski said...

LOL, he is so cute. All my kids live in sleepers for the first few weeks (sometimes months) after birth.

alexish5 said...

Ha!!!! Now you do it too!!!! Why change them when they look sooooo cute in their pjs??? He is so adorable!