Monday, June 24, 2013

Remodel of Keira and Nairi's room

 Our second floor is virtually untouched since moving in. We painted the master bedroom and Israel's room and replaced the upstairs toilets but other than that its remained blah and beige and very 1992. Keira and Nairi's room is the largest bedroom other than the master. It has 2 south facing windows so its nice and sunny but very much in need of some TLC. We have the wallpaper, the gold AC/heating grate, the dirty beige carpet, the outdated lightening and the off white trim. In the pics below you can see the DIY canopy bed that Mike made her. Its a queen sized bed so it does fill up the room. After its finished we are moving the girls in together for the first time. Plan is to put white twin bunks in there, remove wallpaper, paint room and trim, change lighting to ceiling fan with lights, and rip up carpet and add hardwood floors.

 We started on the wall paper removal yesterday. As always its a hot and steamy  and tedious job.

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