Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The boys in this house are on Cloud 9

 Oh yeah. Mike is the proud new owner of  this craftsman riding mower.
 Israel is beside himself with excitement.

 They push mow together and now they can ride together. Mike's friend and co worker upgraded to a new and nicer model and was kind enough to pass this on to us. Let me tell you.... these boys are HAPPY! Our yard is definitely not large enough to warrant the purchase of one of these things but considering the mower  and tractor obsession that goes on in this house this thing will be used not only to mow the yard but to give kids rides around the neighborhood for sure. I can see one of those pull behind wagons in our future.  I think in the fall when we rake our usual 60+ bags of leaves this kind might just come in handy.

I know lollipops are terrible for their teeth but hey she POOPED in the potty!! And they are organic dye free lollipops so that must make them healthy!

Ballet is much more exciting that mowing....

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