Saturday, March 22, 2014

Boston Children's Museum 2014

Its been awhile ( as in over a year) since we have spent a day at Boston Children's Museum so since I was savvy and snatched up the library pass we spent a good part of today there. Kids love that place. Its really  an awesome place and some place I would want to go if I was a kid. But its not cheap. It cost us over $40 to get in and 4 of us were half price and Samuel was free. Add in the cost to park and yeah. That is why we only go once a year or so. Today just happened to be a rainy Saturday and the place was PACKED. Its the first time we have ever gone in such a crowded place with all 4 kids and it was a bit nutty. I thought were  for sure we were going to lose someone. Thank goodness there was two of us adults to keep watch and one kid ( aka Samuel) doesn't have  full use of his legs yet. 
 Matching shirts purchased for the boys by daddy
 Nairi's other favorite shirt which happens to also be Halloween themed. Between this shirt and her orange Boo shirt that is  pretty much what she wears 99 % of the time.
 Keira is such a free spirit.

 My snuggly baby.  I think he is teething again and he has become my little barnacle. MAMA! He yells if I go out of his sight.

 The water room. My kids could spend all day in here. Who doesn't like to play with water?

 Boston Children's Hospital was doing an exhibit where the kids got to pick out a stuffed animal and name it, bring it to admitting, then the Dr's, then the lab for a blood draw, then xray and then the eye Dr's. It was really really cute and life like and the kids enjoyed seeing their animals get blood draws and xrayed.
 The first time he zonked out in the Ergo- EVER. I thought we were golden but then he woke up exactly 8 min later. So much for the napping on the go thing.
 She chose a bear that was half her size.

 Family Picture!

 Every boy's dream. His own bulldozer.
 He pronounces car like a  Massachusetts boy. Caaaaahhhhhhh!

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