Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nairi first 3 years

  Birth 4/1/2011
 Keira holds her sister
 Mike and Nairi
 2012 first birthday

 2013 2nd birthday
 2nd birthday
2014 3rd birthday.
Nairi you are growing up! You are the most fiercely independent child in this family. You insist on doing everything yourself. You go potty by yourself, get dressed, put on your shoes and even zip your jacket  (something Israel can't even do yet!) and a million other things. You have a very passionate personality and definitely are the most challenging child we have had so far and you can be difficult to deal with at times but we can't stay mad at you long with that cute face and those curls!!  You are Samuel's favorite as he knows you are always gentle with him and never hurt him by accident as Keira and Israel sometimes do.  You love to pat his head and kiss him. You love love love baby dolls, Squinkies, Barbies and dress up. You will sometimes color with the kids but you don't have the patience to color the way they do. You are still a great eater and your favorite things are sausage and chicken and green beans and pasta and sweets of course.  You are very particular about your clothes and never let me pick them out. It amuses me because I remember Keira being super picky about her clothes at this age too but she would only wear dresses and tights and you refuse to wear tights and will only wear dresses on Sundays. You instead insist on wearing only 1 or 2 outfits. You love playing outside, riding your bike and jumping on the trampoline all things we are hoping to be able to do again soon if winter ever goes away! Right now your current obsession is the game Memory and puzzles.  Happy 3rd Birthday Nairi! We love you!

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