Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

 We all went crazy and went with the straight hair theme this year. Nairi for the first time ever sans curls...
 Keira's hair is more wavy than curly so straightening her hair did not make her look much different.
 The loot.... I'm very non traditional and do more "stuff" than candy. Pj's, markers, paint books, a new ball and bat, sandals etc. 1 box of jelly beans each. And this year I couldn't find any baskets.
 Pre church. They are so lovable all fancied up.
 Post church
 First time wearing a tie....Its hard to tell but his suit matches Israel's.
 Looking fancy

 This is her face when she is told she gets to eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
 My labor of love... Its a labor of love because there is lots of kneading and rolling and letting rise going on and it must be prepped the day before, put in the freezer overnight, and taken out early in the am all to have freshly baked, soft, gooey, ohhhh so good cinnamon rolls.
 Supposed to be looking for eggs in the yard but sidetracked with Israel's new bat and ball set.
All in all it was a great day. Mikes parents joined us for  brunch and my cousins from MA and aunt and uncle came for dinner along with my dad and brother.  There was lots and lots of food and sugar and the weather was fabulous. Grandpa taught the kids how to play baseball too.

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