Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Warm weather

 The snow is gone, gone, GONE! There are finally bits of green popping up places.... we have shed the winter jackets for spring hoodies and there is sun. Glorious sun. There was even some lawn mowing ( just to appease Israel as the grass was still 90% brown). We survived another winter!!
 4 1/2
  12 months

 Did I do a good job shaving his little head or what??? Its not at all crooked.
 Notice the knife tucked into the gun holster. You know just in case you need a knife while you are mowing the dead  lawn.

Just getting home from school..... On one of the first really warm days Keira got off the bus with socks rolled down, pants rolled up and she practically danced off the bus. " Its SUMMER out!!!! " she says... " I needed this!!!! " Amen sister. Me too. I needed Spring way back in January, because I am a wimp.

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