Sunday, March 08, 2015

Allergy testing for Nairi

 A year and half ago Nairi was diagnosed with a tree nut ( walnuts and hazelnuts) allergy and a peanut allergy. We repeated her blood work in April and her peanuts were at a normal level and her hazelnuts had jumped way up. She had also started showing some signs of season allergies. 2 weeks ago we did skin testing for environmental allergies and a peanut oral challenge.  Seasonal allergies can start at age 3 and Nairi is 3. Her skin testing revealed that she is allergic to cats, trees and cockroaches. Because she is so young these can change.
  Keira had a peanut oral challenge so this wasn't the first time we have done this. They rub it on her lips and then wait... Here she is getting her peanut butter lipstick. She passed with no  problems.
Her back after the skin testing.  The reason her hazelnuts were so high ( the Dr suspects) is because she is also allergic to trees and there can be cross sensitivity between some trees like birch and hazelnuts.

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