Sunday, March 08, 2015

Laundry room mini- make over

 Our laundry "room" is squished into a closet in our first floor bathroom. Its so small that I couldn't even get far enough away to get a decent picture.  So this project started because A) Mike was on vacation this week and Mike can't sit still and B) our furnace condensation  line  that runs to the outside of the house froze one night when it was -25 outside. It happens at least once every winter. Mike decided that since we had to do something about it we might as well run a new line that doesn't run to the outside. The new line drains via the wash machine drain so that required moving the wash machine and getting lines run and cutting holes into places etc. So since that was going on Mike figured why not just stack the washer and dryer and create some custom shelving. We store alot of cleaning supplies and such on shelves above the wash machine. Since we always have a toddler in the house I don't want any chemicals under the bathroom or kitchen sink.
 So above is the before pictures and below the afters. Again its hard to get a decent picture because the bathroom is tiny.

 It came out great and there is so much room on the shelves because they are so deep.

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