Monday, October 05, 2015

Dear Israel as you turn 6

 You were our first son. Its been a big year for you. Starting Kindergarten and playing soccer for the first time. You are so full of love of life right now and its great to watch. You go go go all day long and then crash at bedtime ( usually after yelling at daddy and I that its so unfair you have to go to bed and why do you ALWAYS have to go to bed???) You love Legos, Ninjago and Star wars. You wanted a Ninjago birthday but we couldn't find all the stuff to go with that theme so we did Ninjago cupcakes and then Star Wars decorations. Soccer would be your other love right now. You get ready quickly for school in the am's and head out to the driveway to play soccer while you wait for your ride to school in the am's. You were also introduced this year to computer games and like to play Star Wars games on the Ipad when I let you.  You had your first mohawk haircut this summer and although I made you shave it off before school started you tell me all the time that there are kids at school with mohawks and you want yours back. There are also boys at school with earrings and can you have an earring??? ( The answer is no by the way)  You still love mowers, watching the landscapers and big trucks.  You and Keira fight like crazy but you get along pretty well with Nairi and Samuel. You enjoyed going camping with daddy this year in June and didn't really enjoy VBS. You are hoping to do soccer camp this  summer. You remain our skinniest little chicken at just 36 lbs at 6 years old.    We love watching you grow up!

 His reaction to seeing his Kylo Ren costume.
 Where are my presents??? :(

 Lots of chili

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