Friday, October 02, 2015

Its October! An update on all things

  I'm 26 weeks with baby girl. No closer to a name of course. Third trimester here we come. Looking forward to the END! In the meantime we are enjoying fall and cooling weather ( thank you GOD!)
 The school routine is down pat. Israel spends his days whining about all the safety rules of school and drawing endless pictures of Star Wars and counting down the days till his birthday and the release of the new Star Wars movie. Ohh and learning his ABC's although he tells me he " Already knows all this stuff Mom!"
Week 3 Kindergarten report courtesy of the resident 5 year old ( as heard in the car on the way home from school)
How was school Israel?
" Safety safety safety. Thats all we talk about. We have to do everything safely. Walk safely, put our shoes on safely, get a drink safely. We even have to play Duck Duck Goose safely. We can't even run! We aren't allowed to talk about weapons. We aren't to even think about going on the play structure if its wet because thats not safe. We can't jump on anything. Its the safest school EVER mom!!! Except when there is a fire alarm. Then we have to walk safely, shouldn't you run if there is a fire? Why would you walk? Safety safety safety. We talk about it all day long!"
Tell me something you learned this week Israel.
" Safety mom, thats all we learn and all we talk about. I like home better where we don't have to be safe and we don't have all those dumb rules. Too many rules mom!!"

Keira is doing good in third grade and other than the usual struggle to focus on homework she is doing good.

Yay for fresh apples and homemade applesauce. These two keep me company while the other two are at school.
Mike has 2 more weeks of spinal precautions and he is good to go. He is back at work but working modified hours till he is fully cleared. I'm looking forward to him being able to bend  and lift and move again ( aka empty the dishwasher, pick up the kids, mow the lawn, carry heavy laundry baskets etc). But in all reality his recovery has gone really really well and we are very thankful! Its been nice to have him home more too. Almost 10 years of marriage and I still enjoy his company. We have both been using the step tracker on our phones and counting our steps every day. The goal is 10,000 which is alot for pregnant ole me!
Looking forward to Israel's birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving/ Christmas and then BABY GIRL!!!

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