Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Daddy, ( 1 day late)

We never make a big deal out of "Hallmark Holidays" as you and Mama call them but I wanted to let you know that I think you are a pretty cool Dad. I know you don't care that we didn't do anything special or that Mama and I didn't buy you a card. But seeing as you are pretty special in my life I thought it fitting to say a few nice things.
I love that you always have special treats- you are the one who lets me have sips of soda, bites of sugary stuff and never ending "gummi's"
You are the that makes Mama buy fruit snacks and the occasional candy that you love to have in the house and Mama loves to not have in the house.
You let me take over the water in the shower and you stand there getting cold while I play.
You will sit in the bathtub for 2 hours with me while I play.
You know how to change my confusing cloth diapers ( even the poopy ones!!) , get me snacks and put me to bed just as good as Mama
You will definitely read me more books at bedtime than mama will
You always let me cook with you, make a big mess and spill stuff everywhere.
You let me sit on your lap and help you drive anytime you need to move the truck or car in the driveway
You let me play with your big scary tools and "help" you with each and every house project you do even though I always slow things down.
You bring me along on trips to Home Depot so often that if I am pushing my babies around in the stroller and anyone asks me where I am going I will say HOME DEPOT with a huge grin.
You know how to have a tea party and play with my dolls just a good as Mama does.
You built me the coolest bedroom ever complete with a toddler sized cave and a built in bed- even if those ideas where all Mama's you did all the work and I LOVE IT!!!
I know that you have to go to that place called "work"almost every day but I always watch you leave in the morning sadly and look forward to those times called "lunch and dinner" when mama says you will be back.
Mama would say that whenever I fall down or get hurt even if you aren't home I always cry "daddy kiss it, daddy needs to kiss boo boo"
Mama would also say that no matter what breaks whether its mama's vacuum or my toys that I will always tell mama that "daddy needs to fix it" and we both know you always will. Mama tries sometimes to fix things but usually she gives up after a few minutes and agrees with me that you will fix it. Don't tell mom but you are so much better at fixing stuff that she is!!!!!
Anyways... You are the best dad ever and I LOVE YOU!
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denise said...

I think this is such a beautiful article.
I got your link from CAF and have been greatly amused by Keira's antics.

Blessings and joy always
Denise Miranda

caroline said...


Alli said...

That made me cry! So sweet.

Anonymous said...

he should feel very special and it was better written than any hallmark card

Jennifer said...

Awww, That made me cry too.