Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Keira!

Daddy put a gummy worm on Keira's vanilla/Oreo cupcakes ( that daddy made) because anything gummy is her absolute favorite. She gobbled up the worm and wanted nothing to do with the cupcake. Mike and I enjoyed them immensely though.

Blowing out or should I say spitting on the candles?

She knows the Happy Birthday song by heart since we have been singing it for a few days now so she sang along with us.

Her new Bike thanks to her Godfather Mike Hippert! Its great for us too because it has a long handle so no more aching backs from bending over to push it!

Her new pool from mama and daddy. We also gave her a china tea set which she spent all morning playing with. Memere and Pepere gave Keira some books, a ballerina outfit, and some Little People.

The poor birthday girl was in good spirits for the most part besides having a low grade fever.... not sure if its molars or what!


caroline said...

The last picture is adorable and WOW, what a pool!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keira! We can't wait to see you in only two weeks. I'm sure the boys would love to help try out your new pool! Niki

MommyKW said...

Happy Birthday Keira! Love the gifts! That handle on the bike has to be great!

Teresa and Shawn said...

Happy Birthday, Keira! My kids said "WOW!" when they saw the photo of your pool!

Director of Student Life - Austrian Program said...

Awesome pool -- boys will go nuts when they see it! See you soon!