Monday, February 01, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Up in Israel's room the decision is what color to paint the room... I'm voting for a greenish color, sort of a sagey type color and Mike is voting for a blue color.
We have already decided to go with a Mocha for the bathroom.
The room will hopefully be dry walled by the end of this week or next. Then its paint and flooring!!! I'm looking forward to not having any construction clean up to do weekly and for Mike to not have any projects he needs to work on- like that will ever happen!
The other decision we are mulling over is whether or not we want to send Keira to preschool in the fall. After some discussion we have decided to tour 2-3 schools and take it from there. We are thinking we would like to try it if, and that's a big IF, she is potty trained by then. It would be a 2 day a week program that's just 2-3 hours in the am. I am touring one school next week and another the week after. We have 2 Christian and one Catholic school on our list of schools to check out. We will keep you posted.
We are still going back and forth on whether or not we want to put our house for sale after its completed and look for something bigger ( that of course would need work) or stay put for another year or so.

Israel has decided that pacifiers are no longer acceptable and only wants the breast.. all night every night. I wake up dry as a desert and in desperate need of breakfast, that is if I manage to fall asleep at all with the buffet open all night long. Its a challenging but precious time. And just to prove that he is a boy and prefers the breast this morning while I was at the eye Doctors Israel refused to take the bottle of breast milk I had left and decided to make his anger known very loudly. Poor Daddy.. or should it be poor Mama? Either way the kiddos keep life interested and crazy and we are enjoying the ride.
We made it to February and no one has died of cabin fever yet... of course spring is still at least 3 months away so we shall see......

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