Friday, February 26, 2010

More fun and drama

This is what happens when you have cabin fever bad. You allow your very messy toddler to have a real tea party complete with real sugar, cream, and tea unsupervised ( due to crazy unhappy little brother) In case anyone is curious... wet sugar makes your floor very very sticky. Ahh well. Keira had fun.

Here is the patched ceiling pre paint job. So take 3 of toilet installation is a bust..... Take 1 was the plumber no show, take 2 was the ceiling/ light fixture floor, and take 3 is no power ( for the plumber) We lost power last night but only for about 30 min or so. It was insanely dark. I don't think we have ever lost power at night along with the busy street that is right next to us.. AKA fast food mile. There was no street lights, no business lights. NOTHING. Israel was right next to me and I literally could not see him. But lucky for us the power was restored very quickly because a Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's without power simply cannot be. Our plumber didn't have power so instead of coming to work he understandably needed to get his house hooked up to a generator. The wind and rain last night was crazy. Tons of people have no power and our neighbours have a tree in their bedroom! Crazy weather!!!
The house is to be listed Monday. Our realtor had someone interested who was going to come by on Sunday but apparently they don't like the location so that was disappointing. Can definitely tell its the first week of lent. Its been a trying week here to say the least. At least the kids are on the mend and feeling better although Keira I think is about as stir crazy as me.
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Caroline said...

A tree IN their bedroom!? how so? Did it go through a window or did it literally go through their roof and everything!?

K's Mama said...

It went through the roof... not a huge branch but still!!!