Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy Third Birthday Keira!!!

Despite having a slight fever and not feeling that great I am pretty sure Keira and everyone else had a great time at her party. Mike had the great idea of doing water balloons and water guns and a slip N slide for all the kids ( mostly the older ones) and the kids were entertained for hours! We had great food, great weather, and great conversation. 3 years have gone by fast!

Dear Keira

I can't believe how much has changed in one year!! You are potty trained, You are still sweet and easy going but now you have a fiercely independent streak and can occasionally cause some problems! :o) You adore all things sparkly, frilly, girly, and of course princessy. 90% of the time you will wear only dresses and you have to pick out your clothes most of the time. You still love love love books and we probably read 8-10 stories to you every day. Once in a while we have to distract you as daddy and have each have a personal limit of how many times in one day we can read the story of Cinderella!! Now that daddy has 99% completed your playhouse you love it!! You make great use of our back yard. Hopefully we will be able to move soon and than daddy can put up our giant new swing set. You happily spend a good part of everyday swinging in your swing.
Lately you are very much into paint, stickers and coloring. You also love stories about Ballet and since a friend of ours is a preschool ballet teacher we have decided to enroll you in Saturday morning ballet classes in the fall!!! That should be fun! You still talk about going to the beach with your cousins and in less than 2 months we will take our annual beach vacation.

Happy Birthday Princess!!!! You bring some much joy and fun into our lives!


Anthony said...

It was a great time!

Teresa and Shawn said...

My kids all voted that Keira's was the best birthday party ever! (I think it was the water fights with Mike and Matt that really got Jamie's vote plus the plethora of boys around!)