Sunday, August 15, 2010

Due date

If you are observant you will notice that I changed my pregnancy ticker. I had an ultrasound Friday. Never had an early ultrasound before- never had an ultrasound before 18 weeks. It was solely for dating purposes. Most people know that ultrasounds are not really accurate for due dates later on in a pregnancy but supposedly they are pretty accurate early on. When we met with our NFP teacher she gave us 2 due dates... I trust the NFP due date the most because Keira was born one day before her NFP due date and Israel was born on his NFP due date. So I was given April 1st and April 13th as possible due dates based on 2 possible conception days.
The ultrasound due date was April 2nd. Without getting into to many details even though I don't really understand how April first or second is possible, we are gonna roll with it. I have yet to hit 40 weeks with a pregnancy so having a questionable due date probably won't be that big of a deal for me ( I hope).
I was able to see the heart beating or if you want to be technical "flickering" on the screen so that was pretty cool. So I'm apparently 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Looking forward to the 18 week ultrasound so we can find out the sex. Our current list stands at 0 name ideas for boys and 1 solid choice for a girl that we both like so far.....
I would definitely prefer to have a house full of girls than a house full of boys but being that this baby and Israel are going to be 18 months apart it would be kinda nice if they were the same sex so they could play together . So I guess I could go either way with which sex I would prefer. Although I think I am leaning more toward girl.


Teresa said...

As my birthday is April 1st I have to admit that it's a fun birthday to have. I'd love to share it with your newest family member! (takers on CAF)

MK said...

So you and Carly could go at the same time. Pretty neat. Also, I don't think anyone's surprised you're leaning toward hoping for a girl ;) But having grown up with two sisters I have to say, you DON'T want to have a houseful of girls during adolescence. Trust me on this one. I love my sisters now, but it was a long time to get here.