Thursday, August 05, 2010

Keira's trip to the ER

Tuesday Keira's breathing got progressively worse throughout the day. She was continuously wheezing and not improving after her inhaler. She was also getting a little short of breath while talking. She did have a cold so I'm guessing that's what triggered the asthma attack. Mike took her to the ER in the evening and they gave her several nebs and a course of oral steroids. She was supposed to take the steroids twice a day but they made her very wound up and she had a hard time sleeping so we now just give them once in the am. I spoke to her asthma doc and she is going to go back on her inhaled steroids early. ( She usually only takes them Sept-April). So instead of waiting till the cooler weather arrives in Sept we will be started her inhaled steroids in a few days after she is done with the oral ones.
It was her first trip to the Er and she had a grand time. Mike took her while I stayed home to put Israel to sleep. When they got back she excitedly told me about how she got apple juice AND a Popsicle. How she got to watch a princess movie and got lots of princess stickers. And of course she showed me her bracelet with her name on it. She had a grand time. We are all glad to see her breathing has much improved.

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