Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Truck Fail / House fail

The truck failed inspection yesterday. It needs a new muffler and a few other things. Mike doesn't want to put $1000 into it. We don't plan on doing any major housing projects in the near future. Going to be too crazy with kids I think. So I think we are going to end up with a commuter car of some sort. I wish we could get by with one car but I think I might lose my sanity if I was stuck home all day every day. MIke decided to post the truck on craigslist this afternoon. I don't think he was expecting any interest because he failed to tell me.

About 20 minutes after Mike posted the ad, I get a from a guy asking about the truck on craigslist. I told him he had the wrong number. He tells me the number on the ad and it is the correct one. I asked him what year the truck was and he said it was 1989 and Red/Black, so I said "yep, that's our truck, I guess my husband put it on Craigslist without telling me". I took his name and number down and forwarded it to Mike.
I hung up and 2 seconds later the phone rings again. By the end of the day we have received 5 phone calls and 2 people have come to look at the truck. If only we had such good luck with our house.
We were supposed to have a showing today. The couple called this afternoon and said they were going to reschedule for Thursday. This same couple did the same thing last week. It starting to get slightly annoying. Picking up toys, doing all the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen is alot of work for my nauseous self right now and having done it all twice only to have the people cancel is driving me nuts. Its no small feat to clean a house and keep it clean till the end of the day showing with the kids around since they constantly mess everything up.

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