Friday, January 07, 2011


We kept Christmas simple and low key ( aka inexpensive). But I decided if we are ever going to survive the winter we needed something else to entertain the kids. So we bought this kitchen set. The kids love it. Keira loves the washing machine part of it so she can wash her babies clothes. We recently secured some furniture to the wall to make sure nothing heavy falls on our climber ( aka Israel) Mike asked me if we needed to bolt the kitchen to the wall so I took some pics for evidence that yes indeed we need to bolt this to the wall as well. Israel thinks everything needs to be climbed.
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Teresa & Shawn said...

Where did you get the kitchen or what brand is it? I love it! We gave one to the kids for Christmas about four years, but bought it used off Craigs List, so it is really old! I would love to get a new one someday and I like the look of that one you have.