Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting......

I hate waiting. Doesn't everyone??? I feel like that's all I do lately. I'm restless, impatient, and oh so tired of waiting. Waiting for spring, waiting this house to sell, and waiting for the baby to arrive. There is nothing to do but wait.
Its not going to be spring anytime soon. I think that's clear by the 20 inches of snow we got yesterday. Yes its pretty and can be fun to play in but seriously... I'm tired of the blast of cold air every time you open the door. I am tired of the production to go outside.. the shoes, ( in the summer our grass is awesome and the kids don't even have to wear shoes when playing in our yard), coats, mittens, hats, snow pants. The adjusting and readjusting of the car seat straps every time we put the kids in their seats depending on what they are wearing. The whining from Israel because he has limited use of his hands due to his mittens. The limited play dates because someone is always sick, the lack of going anywhere because sometimes just the production of getting out the door is too much effort. The warming up the car every time we go anywhere. And mostly just that feeling that I am a caged in chicken. We go from room to room all day long... the kids need exercise, I need exercise. Their toys get so much use that the kids grow bored of them after a while. The guilt I feel because I let them watch some TV everyday because sometimes there just isn't anything else to do. The constant cleaning up of snack crumbs ( yes I make them eat outside alot in the summer! Less mess and less cleaning up)
In regards to our unsellable house. We have talked every strategy there is to talk. We have lowered the price 800 times ( okay not that many but ALOT) The next price point we lower it too will be 20,000 less than we bought it for. Which is insane considering that was only 4 years ago and when we bought it the house was covered in paneling, shag carpet and an ugly kitchen and bathroom. And now its all updated, sunny and there is no carpet to be found which means we spent $$ making it nice and we can't even sell it for close to what we bought it for. And the other option of just staying here isn't so sweet either. The market isn't predicted to improve for at least 3-5 years either. Which makes we want to scream as we can stay here and be just fine but we are busting at the seems and honestly its just getting stressful to live in such a small space for us as Mike and I are very organized ocd clean type people and you can't organize when there is no space to do so. The current plan is to take the house off the market next week and relist 30 days later ( apparently real estate strategy is to make sure your listing is not too old otherwise people start to wonder what is wrong with the house). At that point its supposed to be considered a "spring market" and maybe we will get lucky?? I highly doubt it and at some point we have to say enough is enough we can't afford to lose any more money on the house but at the same time what are our options?? So here we sit waiting waiting waiting.... and all hopes of being in a new house before baby arrives have pretty much disappeared.
I am finally made it to the third trimester and with it comes all the glory of the third trimester. All the fun stuff.... being enormous, heartburn from heLL yada yada yada. I think every mother has experienced it except those lucky few who feel great the entire pregnancy... not that I will ever know what that is like. I am literally counting down the days. Until I can go more than 60 min without needing to pee, until I can lie flat again while sleeping and not propped up on 3 pillows, until I can read a story to Keira without feeling short of breath, until I can wake up and not wonder if I am going to throw up or not, until cooking is fun again and food has taste again, until bending over isn't painful... I'll stop there because I could go on forever.
I hardly have anything to do to get ready for the baby other than filling our freezer with meals but I just can't seem to gather the energy and food just grosses me out so I don't really want to plan meals. We have gotten some hand me downs from family and friends and so all the 0-3 month stuff is washed and ready to go, same with the diapers, and birth supplies. I need to buy a few things and install the car seat and co sleeper but obviously that won't be done till the very end. So again... Im just waiting for time to pass........Did I mention I hate waiting???

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aram kalpakgian said...

Exactly, time to move south!! I am sick of waiting. If you take a big loss on your house you can make it up by moving south b/c cost of living is cheaper.