Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advent/ Christmas 2011

So excited to have a place to hang stockings now. We used to just put them on the floor or the couch at our old house.

Pine branches from our yard.

Keira did most of the decorating this year.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving at my brother's house. We were so busy eating we forgot to take any pics!

We usually put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving because Mike is home and its a good day for the family fun of tree and house decorating. Last weekend we put up some Christmas lights on the outside of the house. We didn't get to do as much as we wanted as at least 3 sets of lights failed to work! Our neighborhood is awesome about decorations. Most people go all out with decorations for Halloween and Christmas. The kids love looking at the Christmas lights and the blow up snowmen, turkeys and Santa's. Eventually we want to get a huge real Christmas tree for the family since it has vaulted ceilings and can accommodate a huge tree and use our artificial tree in the tv room as a decoration. That way I can have one gorgeous looking tree and one for all the kids decorations. Keira likes to paint those cheep wooden ornaments from the craft store. But this year the family room is a mess due to wall paper removal and funds are tight so we are decorating with what we have on hand.

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