Wednesday, January 25, 2012

After almost 6 years we have some framed family photos

Mike and I will celebrate 6 years of marriage in May. Basically since Keira was born I have wanted to frame some black and white pics but at our other house due to the smallness of our house and the slopedness (is that a word?) of our capes walls there was very little wall space. Finally I can say we tackled this project. We want to do lots more so this is more of a starting point.
Step 1- Hire nice photographer to take beautiful pictures of your children. Or if you are cheap take them yourself, enlarge them and print them in black and white on photo paper.
Step 2 Print some random words/sayings to break up the cuteness factor.

Step 3- Buy lots of nice frames on clearance at AC Moore

Step 4 Hire handy man aka husband to hang them for you making sure there is plenty of levelness all around

Step 5 Enjoy ( it only took 5.5 years in the making)

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