Saturday, July 07, 2012

Driveway drama

 This is the end of our driveway. It was a pile of weeds and as we have done several landscaping projects we have added to the mess by tossing over grown shrubs and extra dirt and grass onto the pile. It had become a mound of dirt and weeds and was very ugly to say the least. Recently we purchased a shed as with the snow blower, lawn mower, bikes, kids toys, yard tools etc taking over the garage we were finding it harder and harder to fit the cars in. We decided to plop the shed at the end of the driveway as it is the most convenient spot. Instant driveway access for the snow blower and bikes. We hired a landscaping company to level out the area and make a gravel pad for the shed.

 Up close and personal with the ugly mess
 hiring a landscaping company with their bobcat and dump truck provided a morning of entertainment for my truck loving crowd.

 All cleared and leveled with the gravel pad ready for the shed
The shed.  ( note the plastic shed next to the garbage can is going to be removed) We will eventually paint it to match the house but we are going to paint the house in the next year or two so we will wait and do it together then. I titled this post driveway drama because technically sheds are not allowed in this neighborhood. Neither are boats or Rv's/campers. But out of the 39 houses in the neighborhood there are at least 2 boats, 2 Rv's and probably 10 sheds. However as the shed guys were leveling and dropping the shed off ( so literally the shed had been in my driveway for no more than 5 min my neighbor who is on the board of directors for the neighborhood came over to inform me that sheds are not allowed. He looked unhappy and worried so we are awaiting a letter to arrive informing us that we have to move our shed. But since others in the neighborhood have them we won't go down without a fight.....

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