Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spending money

We have been busy the past week or so. Busy spending money. Mike's 1998 Volvo was on its last leg and we were almost certain it wasn't going to pass inspection in Sept. Each day it had a new rattle or noise and  we wanted to get rid of it while it was still running. So we sold it on Craigslist and bought this old people  nice car. This is Mike's drive to work/ commuter car. Mike really really wanted a Ford F-150 but we decided against it for gas mileage purposes and other reasons. This is a 2009 Hyundai Sonota. Mike's favorite part of it is the AC since the AC had long died on the Volvo.  Overall we are happy with it but not so happy to have a car payment. I really wanted Mike to buy a Civic but we decided to get a mid size car for ease of throwing a few car seats in the back.
Other than writing out checks for car registration and insurance and yada yada we have been busy battling our homeowners association otherwise known as the (HOA) about our shed. They basically told us we have 30 days to make it less visible or they are going to remove it ( ha! I highly doubt they would actually do that)  But either way we figured why not? We will shell out a few more thousands to cover it up or move it behind the fence because after all we are made of money. We are waiting to hear back from the fence company about the cheapest option.  ( You can see the shed in the second picture) The plan I think ( if approved by the HOA is probably to leave the shed where its at and plop a fence and gate in front it it.
But I am excited to say that we are leaving behind the stress of car shopping and buying, and sheds and HOA's to embark on our first ever family camping trip up north in the White Mountains. The kids are beyond excited and we have spent hours planning and buying and preparing food for the trip. All that's left to do is pack the van and leave! I have no doubt that Keira and Israel will enjoy the trip. Not so sure how things will go with the wild and crazy toddler who is a VERY light sleeper. :o) Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

Where are the pics of the shed??? Is it really THAT bad ????