Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 4th 2012

This year we went to my Aunt and Uncle's annual pool party in MA. On the way we stopped at a candy store as a special treat. My kids have never been a candy store before so the looks of their faces was priceless.
 Right before we went in to the candy store and right after I gave them the lecture about not touching, no tantrums and that they each could pick one kind of chocolate and 3 kinds of candy. Nairi just wanted to see some candy already! Nairi clearly was exempt from the no tantrum rule.
 Trying to pic out what kind of chocolate to get. So many choices.

 Chocolate!!!!!!! She knows that word really well.

 Like my attempt at the red white and blue dress code?
 Nothing better than swimming with daddy

 Silly kids

Mike shows off his white and nerdy side.

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