Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boston Aquarium

 First on the agenda. Ride the T!!!! Keira and Israel were so excited to "ride a train and go in a tunnel"
 Getting ready to leave on the orange line. He is excited and nervous. Its written all over his face.
 Keira is holding on tight!
 Outdoor seal tank in the rain

 The scuba diving staff were as exciting as the sea creatures
 Mary enjoying Boston and the aquarium although you can't tell by her face! :o)
 The water and walk ways around the aquarium are really cool. Too bad the weather was so damp and dreary and rainy
 mini penguins
 giant turtle
 Keira touching the sting ray in the touch tank

 Lots of lots of very cool jellyfish
 Nairi is scared of the jellyfish.
 Love the tall buildings of Boston

The aquarium was under construction so we were given free IMAX tickets. We watched a show about whales and dolphins  Although the movie was not that exciting it was fascinating to watch in 3D ( or least for me since I have never watched a movie in 3D before.) The kids looked adorable in their 3D glasses but the picture came out really dark.

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