Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good riddance to the rest of the almond toilets

 We had 2 almond toilets left in the house. Prone to clogging and perpetually smelling disgusting ( strong pee smell). When we moved in the house was empty for over a year and apparently water sat in the toilet bowl. Or maybe the people just never cleaned the toilets ( doubtful because the rest of the house was clean). Anyways I tried EVERYTHING to clean them including bleach ( many times). They were hopelessly stained and disgusting. I would clean them and within 4 days that gross pink ring and lines would be in the toilet bowl again. And the smell never left. So this weekend Mike replaced both ugly smelly almond toilets with beautiful ( if you can call a toilet that) new, supposed to never clog, white toilets. Pee smell is GONE!!!!!!
New, clean and not stinky toilet!!!!!!!!!!

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