Monday, June 02, 2014

Keira's 7th Birthday

 She is officially 7!

 The theme this year was Frozen. Of course. She wanted a birthday chair for the day so Mike did the honors of making one complete with an Olaf.

 She requested Spaghetti and Meatballs ( her favorite dinner) and cinnamon rolls instead of cake. Usually we have cinnamon rolls only on Christmas or Easter. They are a bit labor intensive.

 These pictures are out of order but this is me buttering the dough ( below) and the rolls getting ready to rise ( above)

 Note the face of concentration. Cinnamon rolls are hard work.

Instead of a big party this year we tried something new and took her out to dinner Saturday evening with just us and no siblings.  She loved it. Then Sunday we had dinner and cinnamon rolls with family.
Every mother and father says this every year I am sure but its amazing to see the changes in 1 year.
 Dear Keira,
 First grade was alot of work for you but you persevered and have made huge strides in your reading and writing. Your reading skills are simply amazing and you can sit and read for hours. We literally have to tear the book out of your hands to get you to come to the table for supper. You love crafts and playing Barbies, Polly Pockets or Squinkies with Nairi. You still like to dress up and play lots of pretend games. You always organize the pretend game for you, Israel and Nairi whether its "school" or a pretend birthday party.  You are still very dreamy and imaginative and sweet. One day I asked you to set the table for Sunday dinner and you designed a personal napkin holder for each member of the family with their  name, a picture and an I love you. You still make me lots of cards and notes and they always say I LOVE YOU on them.  You try to be helpful and help Nairi but Nairi always gets mad at you for helping and yells at you. Its a privilege watching you grow Keira! We love you!

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