Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy 15 months Samuel

 Dear Samuel, at 15 months you love love LOVE cars and trucks and tractors. You call any vehicle with wheels a car. You accurately pronounce car like the New Englander that you are "Caaaaaahhhh".  You sit on the floor and push the car or truck and make engine noises that Israel must have taught you. You are partial to lawn mowers too thanks to your brother.

 You love bellies and lift up your shirt or my shirt or the kids skirts to point out their belly and then you always laugh.
 What other 15 month knows to to accurately push a lawn mower in lines and make engine noises?
 Super Samuel!
 You adore going outside and playing in the driveway with a ball, pushing a toy mower around or playing in the sand box. And of course pointing out every car that drives by.  And just like every one of your siblings you have discovered the drains in the street that contain water and  how fun it is to throw rocks down the drains. Any time you find a rock you head for the street and once you throw the rock you beg me for more rocks.
 If you want to go out you bring me your shoes and point to the door or simply go to the door and pound on it and make begging sounds.
You have over 25 words and you use them a lot. They are things like Mama, more, Israel, Nairi, rock, ball, belly, bottle, flower, apple, cracker and car. You have 5 teeth and just started insisting on feeding yourself with a spoon. You have been feeding yourself with your hands since you started eating solids. You love bottles ( to play with ) of any kind, plastic bottles glass bottles old vitamin bottles. You want to carry them around and put things in them. Yesterday I was outside with you in a parking lot because you couldn't sit still in the booth at the restaurant  while the kids ate their ice cream. There was a small plastic Vodka bottle on the ground in the parking lot and when I wouldn't let you touch it you threw a huge fit. Speaking of fits you are definitely a toddler now. You do have lots of tantrums and a short fuse when you do not get your way. I think you have a Vigneau temper like daddy. You are wiggly and restless and make going places like church and the library difficult!
You still nurse 5-7 times a day and wake up 1-2 times at night. I keep meaning to night wean you but when you holler out MAMA in the middle of the night its just easier to give you what you want.
All the kids adore you and daddy and I too.

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