Thursday, June 05, 2014

Second floor hallway remodel and stairway make over

The  second floor hallway pre everything...
The stairway pre everything
 Its finished.  We ditched the beige everything and repainted railings, trim, walls, and ceiling. Floor has been replaced  in the hallway  too but that has  been done for a few months.  Obviously the carpet on the stairs needs to go as well. Its the same gross dirty beige as everything else, but since we still have babies /toddlers in the house we want to leave it for just a bit longer. We haven't decided if we will just re-carpet till kids are older or just wait and tear it off and go straight to wood floors.

The wall paint color looks green but its exactly a greenish/ gray. The railings actually have a high gloss on them and the trim is ultra bright white.  Its come a long way from beige everything!

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awesome job mike,your home is beautiful,as is your family !!!