Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Boys' Room Dresser redo

We can't keep still around here. So no money for big projects like hardwood floors and bathroom remodels leaves us with small projects. I say us but this one was all Mike other than the paint color choice. Some friends from church were getting rid of this solid white girly dresser. It was in great shape so we decided to just sand and paint it. The boys room dresser was in rough shape with broken drawers so we decided to make it over for the boys room. It looks great in their room with their bluish walls and truck decor. Since the dresser was free we wanted to make it over as cheaply as we could. Let me just say there are so many adorable drawer pulls on Ebay. Adorable. But it seemed silly to spend $40-50 on knobs and such when we could spend alot less at Home Depot. 

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