Thursday, December 04, 2014

The making of a subpar Christmas card

We tackled this project early in the morning. Right after breakfast. I promised chocolate to all who cooperated. There were tears and whines and grumbles and finally everyone was wrestled into fancy clothing. And then there was a dead camera battery. Awesome. You would have thought ultra organized me would have thought to charge the camera battery.  We had a back up plan. Mike used his phone camera and I used the Ipad. After 25 min we had not 1 good shot of all 4 kids. I tossed all the Samuel crying shots and the Israel punching Nairi shots. This is what was left.  
 This was the perhaps if I turn on the tv Samuel will stay still shot
 Keira with a lazy eye shot
 Keira has a open mouth  and Nairi has a weird hand shot
 Keira not looking at the camera shot
 The seating looks off shot
 Israel is blurry shot
 Still blurry in black and white ( as if that would magically fix it)
 Israel is blurry again

And the post photo shoot not posed  shot that we went with.
And now Blogger refuses to let me turn this picture so its not sideways or at least reload it. I leave you with that.

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