Saturday, May 16, 2015

3 weeks sans husband

I have kind of lacked the motivation to blog recently because A) life is mundane ( which is good!) B) no one reads this blog anyways but I do want to keep it going for the kids and so we have a record of our house projects. 
April 17th Mike departed for a 3 week work trip to Shanghai, China and Bangkok Thailand. I know the traveling husband is normal for many of my friends but its not normal for us. Mike has only traveled 2 other times in the past 9 years for work and each time for only 3-4 days. So this was a big deal to us. Mike has never traveled internationally before so I was worried about cultural shock and jet lag and food poisoning for him and for us just worried about my sanity. I'm used to his help with the kids and his companionship around the house. I'm happy to say we survived the 3 weeks and he did too! We were beyond blessed to have my sister in laws mom Kathy here to help us for 9 days (she came all the way from Minneapolis!!!) And Mikes parents came over a bunch too. In addition friends invited us over for dinner many times to help the weekends go by faster. God took care of us as he always does.

 Samuel sums up how we all felt while Mike was away...... :)

Our daily view ( thats Bangkok you see out his window)

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