Saturday, May 16, 2015

The garage project

 We knew we had some rotted out wood trim around the garage. The plan was to replace it with PVC. We seem to have alot of "bugs" in this neighborhood and by bugs I mean termites and carpenter ants and things like that. Everytime we do a project we find rotted out wood. This house was built in 1991 so its not that old. But we did add gutters as soon as we bought the house so hopefully that helps. We also removed all the mulch and bushes and plants that were touching the foundation or siding and replaced it with a perimeter of rocks around the foundation.  Anyways back to the garage project. Mike had taken a few days off of work when he  returned from China to rest and spend some times with the kids. He figured the garage project would take a few hours. Little did we know what would happen he started removing trim. Rotted out trim, rotted out plywood, carpenter ant eaten wood ( see pic below)
 From trim to this.
 Whats left of a piece of wood. See the channels the ants made? We saw the ants by the hundreds when he peeled back the trim.

Its been a few days but its almost back together. New plywood. New pressure treated studs, new cedar siding. Ice and water shielded all along the bottom. Pvc trim. Also he was able to get rid of the octagon corners around the garage doors. I like the clean lines much better.  Still needs paint of course but its currently raining so that will have to happen another day.

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