Saturday, May 16, 2015

9 years together

9 years ago today ( May 12th) on a cold, dreary, and rainy day we came to the alter at Ste Marie's and professed vows of love till death do us part. I remember so much about that day. I remember that I wasn't nervous about getting married just about standing up on the alter with everyone looking at us. I remember feeling blessed that so many people came from so far away to celebrate with us. I remember how I teared up missing my moms presence on that very important day and how you teared up when Chris Allain sang " I Can Only Imagine" as only he could sing it in his amazing voice. And although there was nothing special about today because you needed to spend the day patching the garage back together before the rain and I needed to battle the demon of " morning sickness" and take care of the kids- there was beauty. So much beauty and love in the mundane. I see the way you are working hard in the heat and humidity on this day that was supposed to be your last day of rest from traveling. For 9 years we have worked together through thick and thin and stress and the endless demands of little kids. In 9 years we have created 5 little souls. My prayer today is there are many more days and years we can spend together raising our kids and watching them grow to adulthood. You are God's greatest gift to me. Happy Anniversary Michael Gabriel Vigneauheart emoticon heart emoticon

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KeithKathyHolley said...

BEAUTIFUL!! (and so romantic...)