Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ste Maries Father/ son camping trip 2015

 Mike took Israel a few years ago on this trip when he was 2 1/2 but for whatever reason they haven't gone the past few years. This year it worked out. Uncle Matt and cousin Joe and Pepere went along too. They all shared a trailer on site and had a great time. As it always does on this weekend, it did rain late Sat night but the rest of the weekend the weather was fabulous and Israel had so much fun. Its a beautiful campground surrounded by 2 sparkling mountain rivers and gorgeous views of the White Mountains. There was lots of boy stuff like baseball, bike riding, river tubing, bottle rockets. There is even an outdoor Mass Saturday night. The girls were NOT happy they had to stay home with me ( Samuel too) but I am grateful the boys had this special time together.

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KeithKathyHolley said...

Your starving Armenian hasn't gained much weight. The pool picture-lots of ribs and bones! It looked like a lot of guy fun.